Cremation Services in the Phoenix, AZ, Area

Lowmans Arizona Funeral Home Inc offers complete cremation services that may be a cremation memorial service customized to meet the individual family's needs. The family has the option to choose a service with the body present for visitation and viewing, an open or closed casket or a service featuring the deceased loved one's ashes in a memorial urn for visitation. Contact us today for more information on our cremation services or to schedule an appointment with us. 602-276-3601

Traditional Funeral Service followed by Cremation

Candle & Coffin — Pre-Arranged Funeral Plan in Phoenix, AZ
Some families choose to have the traditional funeral service including the classic casket and viewing with the embalming of the loved one for visitation and then after the service and the family has said goodbye formally to their loved one, then the remains are transported to the crematory for cremation. The loved one's ashes can then be placed in a memorial urn which can be buried or placed at the deceased desired resting place.

Cremation and Memorial Services

Candle & Urn — Cremation in Phoenix, AZ
Lowmans Arizona Funeral Home offers for some families cremation followed by a memorial service of memories honoring the recently deceased loved one. After the service is completed the family can choose to have a private or public service at the cemetery to pay the last respects to their loved one.

Cremation with a Graveside Service

Cemetery — Pre-Arranged Funeral Plan in Phoenix, AZ
In this option, the deceased is immediately cremated without a public viewing followed by a graveside service and a public visitation is an option at the funeral home before the actual committal service. This gives the family a chance to pay their last respects to the dearly departed and say goodbye to their loved one. Lowmans Arizona Funeral Home can provide a respectful memorial graveside service with a cremation of the loved one that will honor their memory.

Cremation with no Ceremony

Candle & Flower — Pre-Arranged Funeral Plan in Phoenix, AZ
Cremation with no services is a choice for families to have the body cremated with no formal ceremony. In some cases this option to have a cremation with no formal ceremony makes the most logical sense. We are at your service and will abide by your wises at Lowmans Arizona Funeral Home. There is still the option to have a public visitation and reception if the family wishes to say a final farewell to their dear departed loved one at Lowmans Arizona Funeral Home.