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Since 1996, Lowmans Arizona Funeral Home and Mortuary is a pillar of the Phoenix community, providing caring, professional funeral services with a special personal touch. At Lowmans Arizona Funeral Home our primary goal is to inform and educate the community of the vast array of funeral service options available to you in the ever-changing funeral industry that is most appropriate to suit your family's needs.
Lowmans Arizona Funeral Home offers a full range of services including: full-service funerals, cremation, memorial services, and direct burial, shipping and receiving services. The Lowmnas Funeral home is located in the picturesque South Mountain Village at 717 West Dobbins Road, in Phoenix Arizona. With over a hundred and fifty years of historically combined funeral industry experience.
Casket — Funeral services Phoenix, AZ
Our community relies on our services and you can rest assured that you are in the best, professional funeral service providers in the area. We take great pride in our honest and compassionate care of the deceased and their loved ones and families. We consider our mission to provide the community with the highest degree of respect and quality services at reasonable and fair fees to honor your loved ones in the memorial service that they deserve. We collaborate with local churches, care providers, hospice and the VA cemetery providing a vast array of merchandise. Our staff is honored to assist you in selecting the best arrangements for your family. Call us with any questions or concerns, if there is anything that our family can do for yours call one of our professional staff at Lowmans Arizona Funeral Home at 602-276-3601.

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