Burial Ceremonies, Funerals & Memorials In Phoenix, AZ

Just as we have ceremonies for baptisms, graduations, and weddings, we have funeral and memorial ceremonies which allow family and friends to gather and pay tribute to a unique life that has been lived. When someone close to us dies, we need to complete this relationship and say good-bye. The funeral is a service for the living that allows friends and relatives to offer comfort and support to one another. The funeral permits a time for expression of feelings and helps us to accept the reality of our loss.Role of the Funeral Director When a death occurs, there are many decisions to be made. Our funeral director is trained and licensed to handle all technical arrangements and to counsel on many personal aspects of a funeral.

Role of a Funeral Service

A traditional funeral with the body present for viewing and visitation is one ceremony which allows survivors to accept the death and begin grieving process.When a life ends, all that remains is the body of the man, woman, or child whom we loved and who loved us in return. And when we remember that person, we think of their physical life being – their body. When a life ends, our mind requires evidence. By viewing the body, we acknowledge that a death has occurred. We confirm that a life has been lived and is now over. Viewing allows that living to confront the fact of death.The funeral service may take many forms. Whether the service is held at the funeral home or the family church, the service should meet the needs of the surviving family. We can help you with any special requests that will personalize and add meaning to the service.
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